May 4, 2013 | by Nicki Steinberger, Ph.D.

What this page is all about: SEOClerks is an amazing marketplace for SEO (search engine optimization) services. From article SEO to best practices in social media optimization, link building, and much more, SEOClerks offers it up! Stay up-to-date with Google’s mood swings and algorithm changes so that you can be informed in order to make necessary decisions for your online business before you get hit from behind. At the heart of SEOClerks is their exploding marketplace of SEO services. Whether you need articles written for your blog, more twitter followers, link-building, video creation, or targeted traffic, you can find it all at extremely reasonable rates. If you have a service you would like to offer, it is quick and simple to register, create your headline, set your price, write your description, and start accepting requests from folks who need what you have to offer! For members only, SEOClerks is rocking with a juiced up, highly active online forum. Share your wisdom and get your SEO questions answered in categories such as search engines, web promotion, link-building, programming, webmaster tools, and social networking.

SEOClerksWhat I like about this page: When it comes to search engine optimization, I want to be in the heat of the conversation. I don’t want to find out later what I could have done last month to be in a better position today for my business. Staying connected to the SEOClerks community gives me this advantage. I value the voices of the community sharing what is working for them today in SEO. It keeps me at the top of my game without having to worry about the frequent changes that are a given in online marketing. Perhaps my favorite aspect of SEOClerks is the forum which continues to bust out with valuable content daily from folks who are truly there to help out. Most questions I need expertise on have already been posted. If they haven’t, I always get quick, insightful responses to the questions I post.

Why you should like this page: If you want to be part of a fabulous community forum and have access to a growing marketplace on SEO, this is the place to be. Are you a whiz at email marketing or social bookmarking? If so, don’t be shy…¬† At SEOClerks, you can share your expertise, help lots of folks and make money at the same time. Do you crave an interactive forum where you can share ideas on search engine optimization in social networking, blogging, videos, podcasts, and every other aspect of your business? Is it time to outsource some tasks in your business to those that have knowledge in areas such as link-building, graphic design, audio & video, web 2.0, and traffic building? It is smart to delegate what no longer serves you. Be smart and check out SEOClerks for all of your up-to-date SEO services.

Nicki Steinberger, Ph.D.

Artist l Writer l Holistic Health Educator & Consultant. Dr. Nicki shares how we can create and sustain super balanced well-being in body/mind/spirit. Her passion focuses on preventing and reversing dis-ease (specifically Diabetes Type II) by using holistic, lifestyle medicine and discovering deep stress-reduction by engaging with nature. Dr. Nicki can be found camping, biking, and hiking through the gorgeous coastal trails of Northern California.

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